Capstone Treatment Center

A Christ-centered, residential, behavioral-care program

Capstone Treatment Center is a Christ-centered, residential, behavioral-care program. We help families with sons ages 14-24 who struggle with a wide range of self-destructive behaviors; alcohol / drug abuse, problematic sexual behaviors including pornography; trauma and its symptoms – self harm, isolation, depression, anxiety; compulsive video gaming; and family issues that inhibit peace, harmony and quality relationships.

Capstone’s team is highly trained and talented but more important, genuine and loving. Hard-headed, big-hearted young men and their families have been our love and passion since 2001. We begin by focusing on the symptomatic behaviors and then “Retrace the Vine to the Roots” to start healing the core, underlying issues. Healing the causes underneath the struggles gives sons and families lasting change. Traction in the right direction towards growing healthier family relationships and ending the son’s chronic cycle of destructive behaviors.

Capstone’s mission can be summed up with three phrases. Healing wounds from the past. Embracing opportunities in the present. Redeeming the potential of the future.

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