103 N Plaza Ct Van Buren, AR

(479) 883-4668

This Week’s Hours:

Sunday 5/12 Call For Entry
Monday 5/13 10a-430p
Tuesday 5/14 10a-4p
Wednesday 5/15 9a-11a Women’s Prayer
Thursday 5/16 7a-1p
Friday 5/17 10a-3p
Saturday 5/18 12p-330p

Would you consider planting a seed to help draw our community together in daily prayer and fellowship?

River Valley Unceasing Prayer Calendar

A movement of 31+ churches that cover the Arkansas River Valley in Unceasing Prayer

First Monday – Heritage Church (Van Buren)

First Tuesday – Hope Fellowship (Ft. Smith)

Selecting date – Central Church (Ft. Smith)

Prayer Partners are needed to open the center and make sure it is available to the public

Who We Are

The Community Prayer Center in Van Buren, AR is the reaching arm of the Body of Christ in the River Valley. Several church leaders and members come together to build up our community through prayer, biblical teaching, fellowship and worship. These churches cross denominational lines to ensure the community is saved, healed, delivered, showing the Love of Christ and declaring His Saving Grace.

What to Expect

The Community Prayer Center has several small rooms dedicated to building relationships within the Body and strengthening each person’s relationship with God. Lifegroups and Bible Studies are hosted throughout the week as well as prayer and worship services. It is also the perfect place to bring someone for discipleship when ministering to new believers or those who have not yet made a decision to receive Christ.

If someone needs prayer when they come, prayer warriors are here to pray with them individually or in a group setting. If someone wants to pray alone or with a small gathering of friends, they are welcome to pick any available room they would like to pray in. Some rooms have instruments, others have couches and chairs, while others have writing desks and bookshelves.

If someone comes in with a physical or spiritual need that could be filled by a local church or outreach, they are directed to those ministries through the sosnorthamerica.com website. The site lists many faith-based outreaches and churches that help with everything from food, clothing and abuse to coffee shops and summer camps.

The Prayer Center is working to be open as often as possible, but has committed to never be open Sunday mornings. We believe that everyone should be directly involved in a fellowship of believers under a pastor’s care.


To build a community we should consider the purpose of one.

The prefix “com-” means together or with. We are bringing people together.

But the Community Prayer Center isn’t just about gathering people “together in one place.” That can sometimes lead toComplacency.”

We are members of the Body of Christ focused on working “together in unity.” What is your part in thisCommunity?” We gather with purpose to Light up the River Valley.

Christ called each of us to work “together on a mission,” to deliver the Gospel and fullfill the Great Commission” here and abroad. We all have a place and a purpose.

It’s All About “The Mission!” “The Movement!” and “The Moment!”